What is Collective?

Collective is a customizable teaching and retreat venue located in the savvy town of Sebastopol, California, at the center of a revolving wheel of enriching experiences that stimulate the mind and delight the senses.

Collective was born of a desire to offer access to the myriad facets of enrichment that emanate naturally from the sharing of wisdom in a dedicated setting.

We also have a huge heart for the entrepreneur.  After all, that’s who we are as well, so we understand the desire to express ourselves in the world in the form of sharing our gifts and ideas in hopes of bringing benefit to our greater community.

In all of its endeavors, Collective seeks to honor the culture and tradition of the local area as seeded by those who have come before us, as well as by our current collective that creates the unique charm that is modern-day Sonoma County.

If you feel in alignment with these aspirations, please become involved in our community as your uniqueness will elevate the experience for all of us. 

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If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it